Real Estate and Business Law

Real Estate Lawyer Pierce County


Whether you are purchasing or selling real property in Pierce County, WA,even with the aid of a real estate agent, it is wise to have a real estate lawyer review your documents. A real estate lawyer can help you understand the terms of your purchase or sale, and help advise you to protect your rights and educate you concerning the transaction.

Contact James Christnacht when you need a real estate lawyer to represent you in real estate matters in Pierce County.

Our real estate lawyer provides the following services in Pierce County:

  • Review Purchase and Sale agreements
  • Review and negotiate lease agreements
  • Examine real estate closing documents
  • Pursue foreclosure actions
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Residential and commercial real estate

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Business Law Pierce County


With James Christnacht, our business is your business in Pierce County. Pierce County clients include small family-owned businesses and freelancers.

Business law is also called mercantile law or commercial law. Business law refers to laws that govern the dealings between commercial matters and people. Just like individuals living together in society, businesses are also subject to legal rules designed to give everyone a fair opportunity to succeed in the marketplace. This includes all of the laws that govern how to start, buy, manage and close or sell any type of business. Business law establishes the rules that all businesses should follow.

We value the entire business life cycle process. Our business attorney in Pierce County handles:

  • Business formation
  • Choosing the proper entity (Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Sole Proprietorship)
  • Business acquisitions
  • Business succession planning

We want to help your business in Pierce County reach full potential. Whether you are just starting out or have an established enterprise, contact us for your business legal needs. We want to help you reach your goals.

When you need a business attorney with experience in business law in Pierce County, contact us at (253) 565-0270.

Business Attorney Pierce County


It is really important for business owners, investors, and contractors to have skilled legal counsel that can help deal with issues in business law. James Christnacht, Pierce County business attorney, has the skill and experience to help you navigate a variety of legal and deal-making issues. Our business attorney in Pierce County will put all of your needs and objectives at the forefront. You can trust that our business attorney has your best interests in mind. When your business interests are at stake, having a competent business attorney with attention to detail makes all the difference.

Our business attorney in Pierce County can handle:

  • Negotiation with contracts
  • Dispute resolution
  • Negotiation with strategic partnerships
  • Create startup business

Contact us in Pierce County today at (253) 565-0270 to speak with our business attorney.