Eviction Law

Our office assists landlords only.

If you are a landlord struggling with a tenant, we understand your frustrations. If you have a written lease or agreement with your tenants, you will need an eviction or sometimes referred to as unlawful detainer. We can help you remove your tenants from your property.

City, County and State codes set strict rules and procedures to follow. Before evicting your tenant, you (the landlord) must serve the required eviction notice using the proper procedures according to law. If your tenant does not move out, our office will draft and file the lawsuit to start the legal proceedings to evict your tenant. It is important to know that only the Sheriff, not the landlord (you), can physically remove a tenant.

If you do not have a written agreement and people stay on your property with no legal right, they are sometimes called “squatters”. To have those individuals removed requires an “Ejectment” process. This process can be complex and time-consuming.

If you are ready to begin an eviction process to remove your tenant, give us a call. We’re here to help.

Pierce County Eviction Lawyer

Expert Pierce County eviction lawyer in WA near 98387

James Christnacht PLLC is your trusted Pierce County eviction lawyer, providing expert legal assistance for landlords facing tenant issues. Our experienced Pierce County eviction lawyer team understands the complexities of eviction laws and can guide you through the process efficiently.

A Pierce County eviction lawyer can help with various tenant-related problems, including:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Lease violations
  • Property damage
  • Illegal activities
  • Holdover tenants

Our Pierce County eviction lawyer services are designed to streamline the eviction process and minimize stress for landlords. We work diligently to resolve disputes quickly and legally, ensuring that your property rights are protected.

Don’t let problematic tenants jeopardize your property investment. Contact James Christnacht PLLC, your reliable Pierce County eviction lawyer to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards resolving your tenant issues.

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Pierce County Unlawful Detainer

Experienced Pierce County unlawful detainer in WA near 98387

When facing tenant disputes, trust James Christnacht PLLC to handle your Pierce County unlawful detainer case with expertise and professionalism.

Our skilled legal team is well-versed in Pierce County unlawful detainer proceedings, ensuring that landlords have the support they need to regain possession of their property.

A Pierce County unlawful detainer action may be necessary in cases involving:

  • Lease termination disputes
  • Squatters occupying property
  • Tenants refusing to vacate
  • Rental agreement breaches
  • Unauthorized subletting

Our Pierce County unlawful detainer services are designed to protect landlords’ rights while following all legal procedures. We work efficiently to file the necessary paperwork, represent you in court, and expedite the eviction process.

Don’t let unauthorized occupants or problematic tenants take advantage of your property. Reach out to James Christnacht PLLC for expert assistance with your Pierce County unlawful detainer case by calling today.

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Pierce County Landlord Attorney

Pierce County landlord attorney services in WA near 98387

James Christnacht PLLC offers expert legal representation as your dedicated Pierce County landlord attorney. Our experienced team understands the challenges landlords face and provides comprehensive legal support to protect your property interests.

A Pierce County landlord attorney can assist with various legal matters, including:

  • Lease agreement drafting
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Tenant screening advice
  • Security deposit disputes
  • Property damage claims

Our Pierce County landlord attorney services are designed to help you navigate the complexities of property management while minimizing legal risks. With a knowledgeable Pierce County landlord attorney on your side, you can manage your rental properties with confidence and peace of mind.

Protect your investment and ensure smooth operations of your rental properties. Contact James Christnacht PLLC, your trusted Pierce County landlord attorney to schedule a consultation and discuss your legal needs.

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