Expungement-Vacating, Eligible Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

Clear Criminal Record Pierce County


Individuals with criminal records often possess valuable skill sets, but their public criminal history disqualifies them from jobs using those skills. They need to have a clean criminal record. Residents in Pierce County, WA, who want to possess a clean criminal record can begin the process with James Christnacht.

Generally, if you have a clear criminal record, it’s as if the crime never occurred. Pierce County residents who qualify to clear criminal record can benefit in ways such as:

  • Ability to get a job
  • Secure housing
  • Regain custody of a child
  • Qualify for certain professional licenses and/or exams

If you’re tired of your criminal record holding you back, we may be able to help. To begin the process of clearing your criminal record in Pierce County, contact us at (253) 565-0270.

Erase Criminal Record Pierce County


Through an expungement process, you can erase your criminal record in Pierce County. You can begin this process in Pierce County to erase criminal records with James Christnacht. If you were charged for a misdemeanor or felony, but not convicted of a crime, you may be eligible to erase your criminal record.

There is no doubt that being arrested and charged for a criminal offense affects your credibility and has a major influence on all areas of your life. This is worrisome for Pierce County residents because public record of your criminal offense still exists regardless if the charges were dropped and you were released from jail. You will need to meet specific jurisdictional requirements for eligibility to erase criminal record. Mr. Christnacht can advise you what the requirements are for the state of Washington. Some factors that frequently appear in many State statutes include:

  • Nature of crime charged
  • First time or repeat offender
  • Time passed since arrest or conviction
  • Whether a drug crime was involved
  • Whether a person was a minor at the time of conviction

It’s imperative in order to erase criminal record, that you speak with our experienced expungement attorney for Pierce County. Call us at (253) 565-0270 to begin the process to erase criminal record.

Petition to Clear Record Pierce County


At the office of James Christnacht, PLLC in Pierce County, you can be represented to petition to clear your record.

Each state has its own procedures and requirements for expungement which all require the person to petition to clear record. To begin the petition to clear record, you first must:

  • Complete probation
  • Pay all fines
  • Take all court appointed classes
  • Remain in good standing for the specified period of time
  • No conviction of second crime (during rehabilitation period)

The next step in Pierce County is to apply the petition to clear your record. You will need someone in Pierce County with experience. Mr. Christnacht can provide legal representation for your case in Pierce County.

Call us today at (253) 565-0270 in Pierce County to begin the process to petition to clear your criminal record.