Guardianship Attorney Pierce County


Guardianships are often necessary to provide loved ones with the legal authority to address health care, personal care and financial issues. In Pierce County, WA, if an adult becomes incapacitated and does not have the necessary documents to manage assets or estate planning, a guardianship may be necessary. Our guardianship attorney in Pierce County, James Christnacht, can guide you through every step of the process.

Our guardianship attorney for Pierce County handles various guardianship matters including:

  • Guardianship for minor children
  • Guardianship for disabled persons
  • Guardianship for special needs persons

No matter the circumstances Pierce County residents find themselves in, our guardianship attorney can help.

Our guardianship attorney is available to conduct a one-on-one consultation to carefully walk Pierce County residents through each issue and ensure that you fully understand guardian law. Call (253) 565-0270 today to schedule a consultation.

Guardian Law Pierce County


James Christnacht, guardianship attorney in Pierce County, can provide help with guardian law. Pierce County residents can get help with knowing what the restrictions and options are for starting a guardianship for a minor or an adult. James Christnacht has decades of experience when it comes to guardianship law.

Within guardianship law, the guardian may be expected to:

  • Provide proper care and education
  • Supply food, shelter, and clothing
  • Authorize medical care
  • Assist with social services

You need a voice of reason advocating in your corner when it comes to guardianship law. Pierce County residents have that with our guardianship attorney. Getting the services of a guardianship attorney will help make the entire process of appointing a guardian easier for you. It is imperative to work with a guardianship attorney who is experienced in guardian law.

Contact us for guardian law at (253) 565-0270. We are here to serve the residents of Pierce County.

Probate Guardianship Pierce County


Probate guardianship usually refers to a court appointed adult who is not the child’s parent to take care of the child or the child’s property when a parent passes away. There are two types of probate guardianship: probate guardianship of a person and probate guardianship of the estate.

Our guardianship attorney, James Christnacht, is experienced in advocating to the court for the establishment of probate guardianship in Pierce County. Benefits that Pierce County residents can find in hiring a guardianship attorney include:

  • Help prepare initial petition
  • Provide guidance for fiduciary (trust) obligations
  • Inform about guardianship law
  • Provide asset protection

Residents in Pierce County can rest assured that they have a guardianship attorney with experience. Contact (253) 565-0270 today to contact our guardianship attorney in Pierce County to start advocating for you.