Eviction Pierce County


Jim Christnacht was a realtor in Tacoma-Pierce County prior to and while attending law school. In fact, it was during his real estate career that Mr. Christnacht made the decision to attend law school to get a better understanding of the issues property owners encounter. With years of experience, Mr. Christnacht understands the issues property owners in Pierce County are faced with., including that of eviction.

Our office provides eviction services to landlords throughout Pierce County. When proceeding with an eviction, it is important to consult with an eviction attorney to ensure that you are complying with the law.

In Pierce County, he has a proven record in addition to eviction with:

  • Title
  • Boundary issues
  • Adverse possession
  • Review purchase and sales agreements
  • Review lease and rental agreements

If you need help in regards to an eviction in Pierce County, contact our office today.

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Landlord Tenant Lawyer Pierce County


Landlords have a right to protect their property in Pierce County and may need legal assistance from a landlord tenant lawyer. With the vast number of individuals and families who rent in Pierce County, issues will arise. Mr. Christnacht understands these issues and will follow from the start (notice) to finish (eviction) as a landlord tenant lawyer.

Our landlord tenant lawyer is an experienced litigator and knows how to help in regards to an eviction quickly and efficiently as the legal system permits. If you find yourself in this position of needing an landlord tenant lawyer in Pierce County, we advise that you act quickly. These eviction situations don’t often improve and often get worse over time.

Our landlord tenant lawyer has extensive experience representing Pierce County landlords in all areas pertaining to a landlord-tenant relationship including:

  • Lease agreement review
  • Eviction
  • Litigation
  • Lease negotiations

If you need a landlord tenant lawyer in Pierce County, contact us right away.

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Gun Rights Attorney Pierce County


James Christnacht, gun rights attorney in Pierce County, is ready to answer and assist you with the numerous questions and concerns regarding gun rights. State and federal legislation changes continually, so it can often be difficult for Pierce County residents to understand how their Second Amendment rights are affected. Our gun rights attorney is a great resource for clients who seek their gun rights restored.

Some common issues regarding the right to bear arms for which Pierce County citizens may need a gun rights attorney for include:

  • Firearm purchase denials
  • Using firearm in self-defense
  • Protecting your Second Amendment rights
  • Issues with concealed weapon carry
  • Expungements and having gun rights restored

If you need a gun rights attorney in Pierce County to represent you in any of the above areas, contact us today.

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