Adult and Step-Parent Adoptions

Adult Adoption Pierce County


Adoption in Pierce County, WA, is the same legal process whether that individual be a child or an adult. James Christnacht is an adult adoption lawyer serving Pierce County residents.

Some people in Pierce County may not understand the need for adult adoption. When a person is a legal adult, (over the age of 18) they no longer need parental consent or signatures. Their parents are not responsible for the child’s welfare. However, adult adoption can help the parent/child relationship if it is formally recognized. A parent may be able to provide an adult child with insurance or assist in financial matters.

Some reasons for adult adoption include:

  • Confirm an existing parent/child relationship
  • Legal inheritance rights
  • Caregivers of adults
  • Foster care
  • Reuniting with birth family
  • Changing names

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Step Parent Adoption Pierce County


Step-parent adoption is a common type of adoption in which the non-related spouse of one of the parents adopts the child of the other parent. The process of step-parent adoption is similar to other kinds of adoptions.

With step parent adoption, there are a few things that Pierce County clients must be aware of before finalizing the adoption, such as:

  • State laws for step-parent adoption
  • Step-parent’s future financial role for the child(ren)
  • Required consent (other parent)
  • Required legal forms

If you would like to pursue step parent adoption, you should consult with a well qualified adoption attorney in Pierce County. James Christnacht proudly serves the step-parent adoption needs of Pierce County residents. Our lawyer will make the step-parent adoption process easier.

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Adult Adoption Lawyer Pierce County


Adult adoption can be complicated when the person is already an adult and the other party wants to adopt them. However, it is possible and not uncommon for someone to petition for adult adoption when it is to bond with a family that there is already a family connection. James Christnacht is an experienced adult adoption lawyer in Pierce County.

Adult adoption in Pierce County requires the following forms:

  • Petition for Adoption
  • Consent of the Adult Adoptee
  • Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law
  • Decree of Adoption

Every county has strict guidelines concerning adult adoption, Pierce County included. Contact our adult adoption lawyer in Pierce County to make sure you are properly prepared and know what to expect.

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