Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer Pierce County


James Christnacht, Pierce County, WA personal injury lawyer, is dedicated to representing individuals in personal injury matters whether a car accident, motorcycle accident or dog bite, As a second generation lawyer, James Christnacht will deliver results with compassion and is sympathetic to the needs of each client.

If you have suffered a personal injury in Pierce County due to negligence of a third party, you should contact our personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

You can expect the following from our personal injury lawyer for Pierce County:

  • Free consultation to evaluate personal injury case
  • Research the law related to your personal injury
  • Review all the facts and evidence
  • Enlist experts or professionals

Call (253) 565-0270 to speak with our personal injury lawyer in Pierce County.

Personal Injury Attorney Pierce County


James Christnacht is an aggressive personal injury attorney in Pierce County. He has extensive experience negotiating and litigating a variety of personal injuries. Our personal injury attorney has both the expertise and the knowledge for fighting for the rights of injured victims before and after litigation.

If you have suffered a personal injury in Pierce County, take the following steps:

  • Seek healthcare immediately
  • Get info of all persons present at injury
  • Contact a personal injury attorney

It is important to remember that you do not give statements to the other party’s insurance company or anyone acting on their behalf until you have spoken to a Pierce County personal injury attorney. If you have experienced wrongful personal injury, contact us to represent you as your personal injury attorney.

To schedule your free initial consultation with our experienced personal injury attorney in Pierce County, call (253) 565-0270 today.

Car Injury Lawyer Pierce County


From the minute an accident occurs in Pierce County, the insurance company is investigating the occurrence. They are attempting to gather evidence that will reduce their expenses concerning a potential claim. By immediately contacting Pierce County car injury lawyer, James Christnacht, you will have someone working for you and gathering evidence on your behalf. Remember, unlike an insurance company, your car injury lawyer has your best interest in mind in Pierce County.

As a car injury lawyer for Pierce County, we will:

  • Demand money from third party insurer
  • Track lost wages and medical expenses
  • Track property damage
  • Request compensation for suffering and pain

Our car injury lawyer will make sure your compensation is sufficient to pay back your own insurance company if they have paid out under your own Personal injury Protection (PIP) under your own policy.

Injured in a car accident? Need a car injury lawyer in Pierce County? Call (253) 565-0270 to have your rights protected and also be provided with a sense of confidence that your problems will be worked by an attorney who is working for you and your best interests.